Wednesday, March 27, 2013

W is for Wednesdays and Weddings

Ya'll I'm a bit annoyed right now. Why? Because today is Wednesday, which means my Spring Break is zooming by. Plus it's been ridiculously cold. J likes to tease me, because normally I'm all about the cold weather. But only in the months of December, January and February. NOT IN MARCH! I should not be rocking this outfit at the end of March:

One of my goals for Spring Break was to pack up my winter clothes so that when I move after my wedding I am good to go. (And yes that was a run-on sentence, but I've spent the last two days being the grammar police, not going to fix it!) Guess I'll just keeping rocking the boots and jeans!

On a much more POSITIVE note, J and I get to attend our tasting today! I'm so excited. I'm excited to see our catering coordinator (she's really the sweetest person ever!) and just taste some yummy food! My stomach's growling just thinking about it! Crab cakes, red snapper, orange cake with white chocolate icing... mmmmm.

This is such a random post, but when I think about random sums me up quite well. I hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday! (Is it ridiculous that my assistant principal's voice saying that phrase popped into my head? I hope not. )

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The way that I'm a bit nerdy...

I really have no problem admitting that I am a nerd. I mean, it's even in my About Me over there --->. I love to read. I love to watch documentaries. I've been having fun creating assessments for the district. But I also have a super silly nerd secret. It's spring break and I've decided to continue on with a certain little break tradition of mine. Now this tradition is straight up nerdy, just warning you!

A few breaks ago (possibly Christmas Break 2011) I got this hankering to play The Sims. You know, the game where you build houses and mess with your people? So I searched for ways to play it because I had long since gotten rid of my CD-ROMs. (I feel like that is not the way you spell that word, but they aren't really in use anymore so does it matter?)

So I discovered Origin, where you can download all sorts of games, including the Sims. I also discovered that the Sims 2 and all of it's expansion packs were pretty cheap. So I downloaded them all and proceeded to play them to my heart's content.

I've done this pretty much every break since then. I hadn't told a soul. But then J bought the newest Sim City game a few weeks ago and has been feeding his inner nerd by playing the game. I told him how I've been playing The Sims 2 on all my breaks. He then proceeded to tell me he receieved an e-mail from Origin, informaing him that all of The Sims 3 games were on sale this week! Fate right???

So I promptly purchased The Sims 3 and created my Sims. I haven't had a real chance to play it today but as soon as I hit publish on this here post, I know what I will be doing for the next umpteenth hours. - uh, no thanks. i'd rather play the sims.

So don't judge me. I admit I'm a complete nerd for loving this game, but hey at least my fiance is a nerd right along with me! :)

Do you have any silly guilty pleasures? Share them with me!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring break!

I had all of these WONDERFUL ideas for posts this week.
  • posting about the funny fact that every single teacher at my school busted out their dresses and skirts on Monday. 
  • this awesome brown sugar hair scrub that I started to do. 
  • Spring fever
  • a Beautiful Creatures review. 
But life and illness completely got in the way! This curriculum writing project has been taking A LOT of my time. Whenever I'm not doing that, I'm trying to spend time with J. I've been stuffy all week, because Florida can't figure out that it's SPRING!

But a glorious time of the year is upon me now: SPRING BREAK! Now granted, Mother Nature apparently hates DCPS teachers, because it is slated to be like this all week: 

When it's not storming, it's going to be chilly! (And forgive me northern blogger friends, I know you'd die for these temps, but it's FLORIDA. In March!)

So hopefully this means since I don't have the excuse of going to the beach or pool, I'll be able to post! And complete my massive to do list. 

What are your spring break plans? If you don't have a spring break what would you wish you would be doing?