Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Months

I really need to get on here more often. I miss blogging. It's nice to go back and remember what happened! And this little man turned three months on Friday. He will be 14 weeks tomorrow... ahh!

Ok, I know I am biased, but I have a cute kid. Look at those little toes!

Let's get to the update!

Height: No doctor's appointment, so I'm not really sure. I know he has to be almost 23, because 3 month pants are fitting him pretty perfectly length wise. 

Weight: Two weeks ago he weighed 10.5 pounds. He lost a little this month due to a bug, but I'm pretty sure he's at eleven now. I feel like he packed on the weight over night. 

Sleep: ::knock on wood:: We have a decent sleeper! He takes naps regularly throughout the day (have to watch for those sleep cues, or else we are screwed!) and at night he goes down about 9:30 and gives us a 5-6 hour stretch. He wakes up around 2 and then will fall back asleep until I wake him at five.

Eating: We are still exclusively breastfeeding! :) We ended up taking him to a CST therapist for some massage to help his jaw muscles relax. It worked wonders and I have no pain. He takes three 3 oz bottles when I am at work. Pumping has been interesting. Up until today three pumps was only getting me 10 oz. But today, after adding some brewer's yeast to my oatmeal (along with a ton of cinnamon and a dash of vanilla!) I pumped 9 oz at two pumps. 

Mommy: I feel much better, because I have him figured out. :) Plus sleep always helps. I am back at work and that helps to. I like having a routine, my job keeps me distracted throughout the day, and then I come home. We are super blessed to have my mom be able to watch him, which helps my feelings too. 

Daddy: J is an awesome dad! He loves to make Samuel smile and is willing to help me out with the nighttime prep for pumping the next day. He even made my lunch today!

Favorites: Samuel still loves his mobile, but he has become a big fan of anythng that lights up and plays music. It can calm him down like no other. He loves to look at books (I think it's all the colors) and he is a big fan of tummy time, especially when there's a mirror. He loves looking at himself in the mirror. Oh and he is a big fan of mommy and daddy. 

Dislikes: Being held under the arms for too long. He is also not a fan of constant stimulation at once. He likes to just observe first. 

New things: He can hold his head up while we are holding him. At tummy time, he can hold his head and chest up. He rolled for the first time from his tummy to his back on Sunday and did it twice today when I got home. He smiles at me when he first wakes up and will smile when he sees J or me. He coos and likes to babble at his turtle on his play gym. He has started to reach for some things, but currently his hands are usually in his mouth!

Oh and he met Santa!

I still have moments when I can't believe he is ours and I can't believe we are parents, but it really is such a blessing to see this little man grow up!