Sunday, March 30, 2014

The first few weeks

I wrote this during my first trimester... just wanted to remember. I'll try posting some bumpdates, now that I actually have a bump! 

January 3
I do NFP, which means I chart my cycles. I've been doing this since last March, so I have a really good idea when my period will come. I figured it would come Monday, so I decided to take a pregnancy test.

J wanted to be there, but I honestly thought it would be negative. Imagine my surprise when the line turned pink! I felt AWFUL about taking it without him. I thought I could keep it a secret, but the minute he walked in the door, I couldn't hide my smile. We figured out I was about a month along and that my due date is around September 14th.

January 10
Since the office manager at my doctor is also a close family friend, I ended up getting blood taken at a local urgent care. The results were positive, so J called this group of Ob-gyns that got great reviews from friends to set up my appointment. My appointment? February 11. SO FAR AWAY! (Oh and I couldn't go to my regular gynecologist because she's not an OB).

5 weeks
We told our parents. I knew that no matter what happened, I'd want my mom to know. She bawled her eyes out, which made me cry! J's parents seem pumped as well. We are waiting on telling siblings until after our appointment. My only symptoms so far are achy breasts and cramps. I also got sick with a sinus infection. I joked with J that I wish I'd get some nausea just to know I'm really pregnant. Well be careful what you wish for....

6 weeks
Nausea hit! Luckily no vomiting, just a heck of a lot of dry heaving and it tends to go away after lunch. It's really annoying actually. My only aversions are to new things I recently took a liking too (like quinoa and cucumber water.) Literally, if I even think of quinoa for more than a minute, I start to dry heave!.

7 weeks
Still nauseous every morning. One day, I even threw up my breakfast (I think I ate it too fast). I've been sneaking saltines at work, trying to make sure my assistant doesn't notice. I've also been drinking water non-stop. When people question it (never much of a water drinker before!) I tell them it's to help my acne. Speaking of acne, I guess the constant high of the hormones has kept it in check. I also got a flu shot this week. I couldn't get it back in fall when they came to work, and just never got around to it (I know, I know). My arm's a bit sore, but it's worth it.

8 Weeks
Nausea dies down during the week, but I think it's because I just eat more during the day. I'm getting antsy to get to my first appointment. I just want to know if everything's progressing right. The only main bother this week was a bad leg cramp I got from wearing crappy shoes.

9 weeks
I threw up at the beginning of this week. It was the worst because I didn't have any food in my system. Plus, I've discovered the smells of cleaning supplies make me nauseous and my assistant cleaned my tables with Clorox wipes. Thought I was going to hurl right on top of my students!
But the best part of this week? Seeing that everything is progressing right! My first appointment was Tuesday, February 11. We had to wait FOREVER but it was worth it to see the ultrasound tech say the baby looked great and was measuring on time. Official due date: September 15th. J and I went and had a celebratory dinner/early Valentine's Day dinner. Went to Cantina Laredo... so yummy!

10 Weeks
Just still that typical morning dry heave. It's the worst! We told my brother this week. I think he was  a little perturbed we kept the secret, but he's excited (I think). I know J's sisters were very happy and excited for us! 

11 Weeks
Nothing new symptom wise. A no real bump to speak of. I'm nervous about next week's appointment. Never knew I could worry this much! Side note: we closed on our house this week! It was fun thinking about which room could be the nursery! I let my best friend in on the secret. Her wedding is a month after the baby will be born. Plus she's a nurse, so she helped calm down a lot of my fears!

12 weeks
We had our NT scan and everything looked great! The tech had a hard time finding the fluid because their wasn't much of anything! The doctor was Puerto Rican and claimed the baby has a Puerto Rican nose, so we'll see! It definitely looks like the baby has J's lips. :) 
I told my boss. He claims he already knew! I'll be teaching regular first grade next year and I found out, I may have enough leave saved up to take all of it paid. I also told my team, and they were so excited for me! I can't wait to let everyone in on this secret.

These first few weeks have taught me so much about having faith and just being positive. I just need to keep those negative thoughts away and fill them in with happy thoughts!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

So I've been MIA for a really good reason!

I know, I haven't posted in like 3 weeks! But to my defense, I've been pretty busy. 3rd 9 weeks is ALWAYS a hectic time of year and J and I just closed on our first house! He's been there, pretty much everyday, painting and taking down ugly RED wall paper. But to say that's the only reason I've been gone, would be a total lie...

I'M PREGNANT! I've known since January, and it's been killing me not to say anything! So now you know my little secret. :) I don't know if I'll keep up with bumpdates but I will most definitely try!