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Hi and welcome to my blog! I started this to give me something to do on my summer off and to give me a place to share about my life: recipes that I made, projects that I completed, interesting things that I find and do. Why did I call it Entirely My Own? It was originally Laughter, Love and Necklaces, but as I got to know this great bloggy world, I realized that's a better name for a fashion blog (which even though I love fashion, a fashion blogger I am not). So I came up with Entirely My Own from one of my favorite Harry Potter quotes: "For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own."

I've learned that we have to live life our way; live it in a positive and safe way, but our way nonetheless!


Here's what you NEED to know about me (I'm sure there are more, but these 6 will get you by for now!)

1. I just recently got married to this wonderful guy! I'll just call him J. We love to travel and watch sports and just be with each other. I know it's cheesy to say, but he really is my bet friend and I love how much we laugh together!  We also just recently found out we will become parents this year! So many new things in store for the two of us!

2.  Until September, my only "child" is my beautiful Athena. I got her from our local Humane Society over three  years ago and it's the best thing I ever did! She has the sweetest and funniest personality. Athena loves to cuddle and play. She definitely puts a smile on my face at least once a day! You can read more about her here.

3. I'm a huge Jaguars fan. Even though they aren't the greatest right now and even though we get crapped on by ESPN and the like, I still love them! I'm a season ticket holder and it makes me sad that football season is so far away! J and I even met at a Jaguars game. 

4. I adore my family. We butt heads plenty of times, but when push comes to shove, they are always there for me. My younger brother is one of my best friends. My mom and dad have shown me what it really means to understand and love unconditionally the person that you are with. 

5. I'm a teacher. First grade ESOL to be exact. I adore the wonderful things that little kids say and do. I love the feeling I have that I am making a difference. It's not just a job, it's my passion. 

6. In case the Jaguars thing wasn't hint enough, I live in North Florida. It's a little different from other places in Florida. Not as tropical. Never, EVER thought I'd stay here, but I love this city. The beaches, the fact that sometimes we get a winter, and it's only two hours away from Disney and Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

So that's it! The nuts and bolts of Nilda. I hope you enjoy what you find on this blog. Let me know you were here!


  1. Hooray for adopting! All of our animals are adopted too, or are from the streets. I'm glad she found a good home with you:D

  2. I just found your blog and LOVE it. I just subscribed. I hope you have a great year teaching.

  3. Your cat is adorable! We just adopted our third one in June, and it's been a lot of fun :) So happy that to find another blogger who loves football as much as I do!


  4. I love the name Athena! I had a tiny Chihuahua named Athena about ten years ago and she was such a hoot. And I love that you adopted. As much as I say that I want a pure bred Cane Corso (a horse of a dog), my next baby will be adopted for sure!

  5. Love your blog! You are too cute! Nice to find another teacher that views teaching as more than a job, but as a passion.

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