30 Before 30

I am a planner so it makes sense for me to have a 30 before 30 list! Here goes:

  1. Get married (July 12, 2013)
  2. Pay off credit card and student loan debt (Thanks loan forgiveness and super money savvy husband!)
  3. Go back to Europe
  4. Run a 5k
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Be able to take a body pump class
  7. See the sunrise and the sunset at the beach on the same day (I live in FL, this is completely possible!)
  8. Reread The Catcher in the Rye, Catch-22, and The Stranger.
  9. See another Broadway show in NYC
  10. Go to a pro football game in another city besides Jacksonville. 
  11. Decide on a Master's program. 
  12. Go on a real picnic (basket and all!)
  13. Bake a pie from scratch. 
  14. Take a longer cruise.  (Honeymoon!)
  15. Learn and cook lechon asado (Puerto Rican pork)
  16. Better my speaking Spanish (try to have many conversations without dipping into English) (Thanks 1st grade ESOL class!)
  17. Eat at The Melting Pot. (Two Year Anniversary dinner)
  18. Visit Niagara Falls.
  19. Do not use a credit card for an entire year. 
  20. Send a random friend a care package. 
  21. Try snorkeling again. (Honeymoon!)
  22. Visit Puerto Rico with J. (Done June 2014)
  23. Sell something on Craigslist.
  24. Go see two movies in one day at the movie theater. 
  25. Sing karaoke. 
  26. Buy a house. (February 28, 2014)
  27. Have a kid. 
  28. Watch Gone With the Wind in its entirety.
  29. Meet a blogger friend.
  30. Have a kick-ass thirtieth birthday shindig!
Hopefully, they'll happen. If they don't, I'll just change the list to at 35 before 35 list. :)


    1. Aah! I love your list! I wish I'd made a "30 before 30" list now! Good luck on your list. :)

    2. Hi Nilda, love this list! I will be turning 30 this year... and one of the items I always thought I have done before I am 30 it nr. 1 (get married) well that is not gonna happen... :( Are there already items you can strike off this list?

      Ps. I am your newest follower!

    3. Discovered your blog via the link up at Living in Yellow-and you've got a new GFC follower!

      Bethanee @thebblife.blogspot.com

    4. i love your list. there are a few of those i would love to add to mine. i think i'll be making one of these lists for my 27th birthday too :D

    5. I found your blog from Coast to Coast. Im curious what loan forgiveness did you use to pay off your loans?

      I also made a list at http://reflectionslatinawife.blogspot.com/



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