Monday, June 24, 2013

What happens at the bachelorette party stays at the party!

Whew. I'm finally feeling like me again. This weekend was a BLAST but man was I feeling it Sunday when I woke up.

I'm not going to divulge ALL of the details on here, because let's face it, we need some secrets from the bacehlorette party right?

Kaylee, Lauren, Me, Larissa, Jessica
My fellow party girls! They got me the cutest gifts and decorated the hotel room awesomely. Larissa, my future sister in law and the tall gorgeous one in the black dress, didn't let me know ANYTHING that was happening until it happened.

We started the night at BB's, one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Jacksonville. It was in walking distance. I drank a yummy peach bellini martini. The stick? Rock candy. YUM!

Back at the hotel we met our ride for the night:

Poppin' bottles!

The girls paid for a limo and it was so much fun! I've been in a limo once before, so this excited me. At first I thought we were just hitting the King Street pub area so imagine my surprise when we pulled into Metro.

The best bachelorette party planners EVER!

Metro is a gay bar in Jacksonville and seriously one of the most fun places. They host a drag show nightly. The hostess brought me and the other bachelorettes on stage.

The show was hilarious! And made me kinda jealous at how tight some of their bodies were!

Loving the lights!

After dancing on stage we made our way to The Loft, this bar/club in Riverside. I love Loft because their DJ plays the best music. Everyone around us kept asking me if I was getting married or birthday. In the beginning, I said married, but then it hit me: I should say BIRTHDAY too because I turn 28 on Wednesday! Got lots of double high fives after that. :)

One of the many groups of guys who bought me a drink!

Kaylee reminding us that what happens at the party STAYS at the party!

And that's the last thing I remember. There's a HYSTERICAL video of my proclaiming my love for J ("I love him SOOOOO much! He drives me crazy, but I LOVE HIM! He's phenomenal! He's the best! I'm so excited to marry him!") and pictures on my camera where I have no idea how I took them.

But isn't that how your last night out should go? I wanted a fun and crazy party and it's exactly what I got! I'm blessed that I have the best friends and a future sister-in-law who's seriously one the most fun people I've ever met!
Last night will probably NEVER be repeated, but it was completely worth it.

Have you ever been to or had a crazy night out?

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