Friday, June 7, 2013

School's Out For Summer!

School's out forever! Haha, that song always pops into my head during this time of year. So as you're reading this, I'm finishing my kids memory books up, grabbing some lunch for them and sending them on their merry own way.

This has been an incredible year, full of ups and downs.

The ups:

  • I love my ESOL babies. I love teaching them and watching their eyes light up when they get it. This year reinvigorated my love of teaching and I made the BEST decision to transfer. I miss the people I worked with at my old school, but other than that I know I'm in the right place. 
  • I survived working on a 7 member team. 
  • I handled 24 kids this year. I will never EVER complain about class numbers again! I managed a lot with these 24 kiddos. I know I can do even better next year!
  • My evaluation was fantastic and I met my own personal professional goals. 
The downs:
  • 24 kids. It was an exhausting year. I had 16 show up yesterday and was like "Wow. My room would have been SO much quieter." :)
  • Principal number six. I've taught for 6 years and worked for 6 different principals. He likes me but I'm still waiting. All principals show how they really run things when they get to start a new school year from scratch. 
  • Discovered I can be a bit impatient with people who just don't get it. That impatience turns into bitchiness and I just don't like that. 
Once I turn in my keys next Tuesday, my focus turns to WEDDING. The countdown hits 30 days on Wednesday! Eeek!

Happy weekend everyone! What's your favorite last day of school memory? Mine's playing video games in my Algebra 2 class sophomore year!

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  1. Bahhhh! Wedding! I am so glad you can focus on that now!

    Oh and congrats on summer starting! Other than the wedding planning, what do you have planned for the summer?

    I missed your posts!

    Xo Lourdes


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