Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jaguars here we go again!

So a couple of positives today:

  • J and I went out yesterday and bought some fun fall decor for our house. Granted it's still a bajillion degrees outside but at least it looks like FALL! (No pictures, because I left my camera at work and my phone is overheating like no one's business!)
  • J's parents came down for the Jaguar game. His mom loved our place and it was nice to get to spend time with them.
  • FOOTBALL SEASON IS OFFICIALLY UNDER WAY! But this leads to the big negative of the day:

Yea that would be how all of us felt... except ten times worse!

So yea there's that. Avery, I'm sure the Lawyer was pumped that his Chiefs won, but I am not. I had low expectations going into the game, but not so low that I didn't think they'd never make it past the 50 yard line! 

Yea, I know right? Oh well! It was still a blast to be at the game and my brother and I sit around much better people this season so there is that!

No where to go but up right????

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. I was watching for you the entire time! Instead, they kept showing some really sweaty guy making a depressed face. Haha!
    The lawyer was SO excited, but was a little annoyed when I told him "The Chiefs may have won in points, but the Jags win the costume competition." I just love your teams colors!!! :-)


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