Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall is here?

So believe it or not, we do get a fall up here in North Florida. But fall here means a few different things:

  • When the breeze blows, it's actually cool! Not a hot breeze, like someone just opened an oven. 
  • It's coolish in the morning. I.e., I don't walk out of my house and go UGH. 
  • The high is in the low 80s. It feels amazing after a summer full of 90s!
  • I can wear jeans and watch my class at recess without dying of sweat. 
  • You can actually use the outside patios at restaurants and enjoy good conversation, like J and I did with my friend Jessica and my brother this past weekend. 
  • Or you can participate in a heart walk and not pass out from heat exhaustion. 
Basically, you know when fall is here, not because it's actually cool enough to wear a jacket or a scarf (still too warm for that!) but because it's just not blistering hot day in and day out! Yay for Florida fall! (Even though, I'm ridiculously jealous of each and every one of you who are rocking the scarves and boots!)

What's fall like where you're at?
Favorite part?


  1. How funny! I am writing a post on this topic for tomorrow - but over here in Cali! We are all happy it is 73 today! But for us fall season is better known as fire season

  2. Oh I miss the Florida Fall1 People out here just do not get it!

    XO Lourdes


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