Monday, March 11, 2013

How was your weekend?

I had a pretty fantastic weekend. AND! I actually took pictures! Yay for being a good blogger. :)

Friday night, my friend Jennifer and I had a girls' night that began with yummy food and drinks at PF Changs. It ended with us going to Ulta and buying nail polish. I bought OPI's Gargangtuan Green Grape )say that three times fast). It's a fun mint green color!

 I made it to the gym!

I love wearing bright colors to the gym. Makes it way more fun for me. I actually completed my  strength workout. Go me! To reward myself, I bought a fairly healthy post workout lunch from Tropical Smoothie:

Muscle Blaster strawberry banana protein smoothie with a ham and Swiss cheese flatbread. Kept me pretty full until dinner...

where I met up my friend Alison. Alison and I worked together at my old school and I miss talking to her a lot. No pictures because she doesn't know about my blogging antics. We ate at Chilis, which is ALWAYS a good time. I ate fairly healthy there too; had their Chicken Club tacos. Only ate two. The bummer was I left my box at the table. Boo!

J volunteered us to help out at his friends' drum corps practice. Drum Corps is basically a way more hardcore marching band.

Since we had to get there so early, J and I had breakfast at First Watch. It was our first time, and I can promise you, it will NOT be our last! Check out our breakfasts:

I had an omelet with ham and spinach over multigrain toast. It was smothered in hollandaise sauce. The home fries were some of the best I've ever had. Took every ounce of self control not to gobble the entire thing down!

J had the Gravy Train crepe. It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. He also had a hard time not devouring the whole thing, it was that yummy!

Our job at the practice was to get ice, water and prepare the gatorade for all the members. I also helped serve lunch. J took a picture and texted it to me. When I asked him why he took a picture his answer? "Figured you'd want it for the blog!" Love how he somewhat gets this blogging thing.

After practice, we came back to his place. Opened all the windows because it was absolutely STUNNING outside. Yesterday epitomized why I love living in Florida: clear blues, skies, perfect temperature and a light breeze.

Overall, a pretty busy weekend. This week I get to go to my first dress fitting. Eeek! I can't wait. I hope you all had wonderful weekends with your loved ones too!


  1. That nail polish color is perfect! I love it!


  2. We are nailsy twins right now! ACtually I'm wearing a minty Essie color - but it looks pretty close!

  3. Love your minty polish - so pretty! And I'm with you on wearing bright colors when working out! :)

  4. This makes me miss Florida 10x more than I do!

    OH and I love that nail-polish!

    XO Lourdes


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