Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally it's Friday!

Ok. So this has been the SLOWEST week. Seriously. All day Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday. Plus, it's the last full week before Spring Break.

Can anyone say SPRING FEVER?! It has hit my classroom with a vengeance  My little darlings have lost their minds. I love them, but I'm so ready to say SEE YA! for ten whole days.

Let's see what my five positives for this week are:

I had dinner with one of my closest friends, Jessica. She's been through a lot this year, so I am glad that I can be there for her. Plus dinners with her always involve discussion of Princess Kate and why younger siblings annoy us so much. She's fabulous!

I'm a HORRIBLE blogger. I never take pictures of myself. I totally should though. It actually felt like spring in Florida for two days and you could totally tell at my school. I promise you, I did not see a single person wearing pants on Monday or Tuesday. Whoops. That sounds dirty. Let me clarify.
Everyone wore dresses or skirts. The weather was just that great! I rocked my favorite polka dot dress and yellow cardigan after I spotted this combo on Pinterest.

I had three, count 'em THREE good curly hair days this week. Seriously, my waves made perfect ringlets this week. Amazing. Just need to figure out how to add body without adding frizz and we are good to go!

Did I mention it's SPRING BREAK next week??? Granted I work all day Monday and Tuesday with my curriculum team and the highs are supposed to be in the 60s (get it together, Florida!!!) I'm still super pumped.

Finally, I receive my A school bonus money today. Woot! Totally saving part of it to go clothes shopping after Easter. I've done AMAZINGLY well with my Lenten sacrifice of no clothes/shoes shopping. Seems like something frivolous to give up, but it's taught me a lot about my spending habits and what I need to change.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

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