Monday, March 4, 2013

Feeling accomplished!

Lately I've been feeling very proud of myself? Why? I've been accomplishing a  whole lot of things lately! Check it out:

  • bought J's ring. He chose a white gold band. Very classic, very him. 
  • chose suits for the bridal party. Taupe suits with brown vests. Love!
  • I have a tutoring job. I cashed my first check and immediately put it into the HONEYMOON envelope. J had the idea to put extra cash in this envelope for various cruise expenses. Felt good to actually contribute!
  • approved the proofs for the invitations. Now just have to order them!
  • Completed the DIY part of my bridesmaids' gifts: 

Aren't they pretty? Probably going to make myself one!

I've also attempted quite a few of my pins. I totally stink as a blogger, because I forget to take pictures of my versions, but I promise you, they turned out great!

These were SO simple to make and SO tasty. I love anything with Alfredo sauce.

Source: via Nilda on Pinterest

J really loved these. Since we had left over chicken from the pizzas, these were also very easy AND cheap to make.

I did this yesterday, and they look FABULOUS last night. After a day of work, I need to touch them up, but I recevied a lot of ompliments on it!

Dr. Seuss's birthday was Saturday. My class celebrated today, and I made this yummy dessert for them. Their faces were PRICELESS when they came in and saw the treats on their desk.

So while none of these are life0changing accomplishments, you have to celebrate the little things right??

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  1. I love that nail polish technique...going to have to try it! Congrats on getting so much done!

  2. The Dr. Seuss thing is cute :)

  3. Feeling accomplished is great! I feel like it makes you feel more motivated as well! :) I crossed EVERYTHING off of my to do list this past Saturday and it was like an adrenaline rush!



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