Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello, March!

Seriously, it's MARCH you guys. I don't understand where the last two months went! I have spring break in three weeks! My wedding is in FIVE months. Eek!

This weekend seems longer than usual because I was out of work on Friday. I woke up in the middle of the night completely congested and ended up going to the doctor. Boo sinus infection. Apparently it wasn't TOO severe, because I woke up yesterday being able to slightly breathe.

J and I went ring shopping yesterday. We found him a really nice ring. Plus we also found him new shoes and new clothes. I love shopping for him, mostly because he doesn't like shopping for himself. While indulging in a Great American Cookie Pecan Supreme (um, I lived off those when I walked into Delia's) I heard a small voice say: "Ms. A??" I looked up and saw one of my old students with her mother and sister. She was a member of my absolute favorite class and she's as tall as me now! I think my favorite part was seeing how excited her mom was to see me too! Moments like that are the ones that tell I am making a difference. :)

I want to make a list of goals for the week. I did go to the gym twice last week, so I met my goal! Here are this week's:

  • Not repeat gossip. I find myself still in that horrible cycle of jealousy and annoyance. I need to stop. 
  • Try my best at my curriculum writer interview. Part of me wants the opportunity; the other part just wants to go out and say I tried. 
  • Go to dinner with a friend. Been awhile since I've had some girl time!
  • Order invitations. Not sure why I keep putting this one off! Worried I'll make a mistake or something. :)
Off I go to enjoy the rest of my weekend. What are your goals this week?


  1. I love that you make weekly goals! That seems so much more attainable than year-long ones!

  2. I also have such fond memories of past students...something about not seeing them everyday makes me like them more lol

    Have a good week!



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