Monday, August 26, 2013

Whoa...another week gone by???

Man! I had SO many great ideas for blog posts this past week, but they all went out the window.

FOR REALS! I completely forgot how utterly exhausting this time of year can be. Add to that the fact that the bus the majority of my students ride hasn't been showing up until I was pooped last week.

So I've decided I want to nip this feeling tired thing in the butt. Here's my resolutions for the week:

  • In bed by no later than 10:30. Yep, even if I don't fall asleep I need to be in my comfy bed. 
  • Wake up as soon as I feel awake (if it's before my alarm goes off). I woke up completely refreshed at 5:00 this morning. But rolled over. Then at 6:00 I was dragging! Boo!
  • Go for a walk in the afternoon at least three times this week. J and I did that a few times before work started and I think it will help.
I hope that some of these things will help to regenergize me. I have a sweet little group and when we go to the extended school day next week (meaning in school until 4:00!!!) they're going to need me at my best!

Got any ideas for fighting the I just wanna crawl into bed at 4p.m. feeling??

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