Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Last Tuesday, J and I finally got our pictures from our AMAZING photographers. They came over and did a home presentation. It started off with a beautiful slideshow that literally brings me to tears every time I watch it! It ended with looking at options for albums.

I figured I'd share some of my favorites with you! Rather than slam you with a bunch, I'm just showing my favorites from getting ready, first look and portraits.

If you didn't laugh at the above picture... we may not be able to be friends!

Captured the moment perfectly!

Our first look... <3

All together now... AWWW!

Thank you Pinterest!

Hope you liked what you see... I'll post more next week!


  1. I LOVE the colors of your wedding! And the cat picture is HILARIOUS. Could he look more miserable?? :-)

  2. OH my... I love your shoes!

    You are just gorgeous! The smile on your face just shows how happy you are!

    XO Lourdes

  3. I love these pictures! So much fun!


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