Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to the grind...

If you reading this and it's between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. I am officially back at work. I'm not panicking yet, but kids will be in my room in exactly ONE week. AHHH!

So since this was the last weekend of the summer for me, I knew I wanted it to be fun. Friday was exactly 28 days since J and I got married, so we met up for a really nice lunch:

We went to JJ's Bistro, this super cute French restaurant. Lunch was a bit pricey, but SO GOOD! We also inhaled a delicious lemon coconut crepe cake (hence the no pictures of said delicious cake!) I want to go back for dinner some time, but we will be saving up for that adventure!

Later that night was the first pre-season game and we got club seats!

Which, if we are being honest, weren't THAT much better than my own seats. Our seats were on the edge of the club section, so the only REAL perk was going into the Touchdown Club. Oh and free refills on sodas. Priorities right?

The Jaguars lost (enter sad face here!) but I'm not totally discouraged. They won 3 of these things last year then went on to be the worst, so maybe this will have an opposite effect???

Saturday, J let me sleep in. I've got a good one on my hands that's for sure! Especially since when I told him my brother was coming over because he was feeling a bit down about his girlfriend leaving, J came up with the BRILLIANT idea to take him to an indoor trampoline arena (and ew. sorry about the run-on sentence going down right here!):

Yes, that would be my husband in the background and my brother jumping off the wall. Needless to say, we were by FAR the oldest participants but I think we had the most fun! The day ended with pigging out on some Wild Wings that my bro bought for us!

And yesterday was low-key. My mom was adorable, because she wanted to invite us over for dinner but didn't want to seem like she was intruding on the newlyweds. So I invited us over! It's nice just relaxing with family.

And since I couldn't sleep (because I never do the night before anything BIG!) I stayed up to watch my new addiction:

Yep. I got sucked into watching a reality TV show about WWE female wrestlers. It's completely mindless but it's fun!

Funniest part? I think because of the whole connection to WWE, my brother and J are more addicted than I am! (Both were ridiculously obsessed with WWE when they were younger!)

Pretty much sums up my brother and J.

Hope you had a great weekend! What's your newest TV addiction?

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  1. We are on a Netflix kick.. if you're looking for a new addiction, check out Scandal & House of Cards... both government dramas, SO GOOD.


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