Monday, August 19, 2013

First day, surprises and a sweet idea

Ever since my first year, when I broke down in tears two minutes after the last bell, I judge the success of the first day by how flustered how I am at the end of the day.

Even though when I came home, I immediately did this:

I still consider today a success. I have a sweet group of kids, and some sassy ones, but overall they're going to be great. I got a ton of hugs from my old kiddos, including one who asked "Why didn't you invite me to your bride?" Translation: "Why didn't you invite me to your wedding?" :)

Plus when I got home, I had two great surprises waiting for me:

My AMAZING Carabox from Avery who blogs at over at The Kasper Farm. I knew from the beautiful writing that the inside would be great and I was RIGHT!

And gorgeous daisies from J. This vase was a shower present. At my shower, my friend told me there were two gift tags in the bag, one for me and one for J. Mine said every bride should have a beautiful vase to hold flowers from her love. J's said to fill the vase with beautiful flowers and that he would be rewarded with the same smile I had on our wedding day. 

She was absolutely correct. I'm pretty sure that the smile on my face when I saw these matched the smile on my wedding day! It was the perfect thing I needed  after a long first day of school!

So now off I go to change into comfy clothes and cook a quick dinner. I hope tomorrow is as wonderful as today!

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