Monday, January 14, 2013

Wedding-ful weekend

I meant to post this earlier today, but this morning was super hectic. I try not to just do a recap, but when I realized that everything this weekend had to do with the wedding, I figured why not? This blog is about my life right? Well this wedding is currently a key part of it!

It kicked off Friday afternoon with our engagement session. J had a connection that was able to get us into Everbank Field!

I cannot tell you how COOL it was to have the whole stadium to ourselves! (well us, our fantastic photographer Rachel, and J's friend's wife Nikki!) I'm super excited to see how the pictures turn out. We even took some pictures while throwing the football in front of Touchdown. Touchdown is the jaguar statue in front of the stadium. I had no idea he had a name!

After that, we traveled down to St Augustine to complete the second half of our session. I adore St. Augustine. I went to college there and the town just has a special place in my heart. The town is currently decorated for Nights of Lights, their annual holiday light decorations. We took pictures in front of this awesome place:

Gorgeous right?? We even took some pictures at the entrance to Flagler. I seriously cannot wait to see how they turned out!!!

Saturday, we registered for gifts. At first J was being silly, but then he got into it. We went to Target and I think we picked out some great things. Only negative? The Target AC was set to freezing. I kid you not. I even debated buying a cardigan just to stay warm!

My mom and I ventured out the biggest wedding expo in Jacksonville, the Ultimate Bridal Fantasy, on Sunday. It was pretty intense, especially since we had all of the major vendors we needed. I did get to eat a lot of tasty food and even won my dad a free tux, so it was worth it. Plus spending time with my mom is never a bad thing.

I hope everyone else's weekends went swell! Welcome to any new readers. I hit 200 followers today!! How cool is that???

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  1. Wow I bet your pictures will look great!!! What a great setting!


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