Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free is always up my alley...

I'm picky and I get bored easily. Two really bad things when it comes to glasses. Why? Prescription glasses are EXPENSIVE. I use to be able to switch around styles easily back when I had a flexible spending account with my health care plan. But now that I don't have that? Not so easy to switch.

So I was super excited when I was contacted by Firmoo to do a review for them. I had seen all the super cute glasses on all different bloggers and couldn't wait to try a new pair. Ironically, I had just gone for my yearly eye check up the day before I received the email. It was just meant to be!

Firmoo is an awesome online optical store. They have different styles of glasses to choose from. From classic styles to more trendy ones, you are sure to find a pair. While it took me forever to decide on a pair (there's just so many!) I decided to step outside my comfort zone and get this nerdy-chic pair:

I wore these for the first time last week, and I got quite a few compliments on my glasses. My kiddos thought they were cool and my teammates thought they were fun! This particular style is being phased out (glad I got them before then!) but this pair is really close if you want a similar style! They are made of this lightweight plastic, so they are by far one of the more comfortable pairs that I own.

Anyways, Firmoo is currently offering a First Pair Free Program. All you need to do is pay the cost for shipping! You can virtually try on your pair, easily submit your prescription if you have one, or order a fun pair just to have. The glasses were shipped quickly and came with a great case and a little screwdriver to tighten your glasses. I always have issues with my glasses falling off my face, so I'm glad I have that screwdriver now!

So what are you waiting for? GO! You won't be sorry that you tried Firmoo. Any glasses I need in the future, will DEFINITELY be coming from them.

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  1. Love the new glasses. I really want to order a "free first pair", unfortuntely the prescription I need is so strong, I have to pay extra for it. I may give it a try though, it beat what I pay at the eye doctor.


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