Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals, everyone has them!

Happy New Year! Can't believe 2013! On a sadder note, I go back to work tomorrow... boo. But I am excited to see my kiddos so yay?

Everyone makes goals around this time of the year. I usually DON'T. I tend to make my "new year" resolutions at the beginning of a new SCHOOL year. I don't think in terms of calendar years, I think in school calendar terms. What can I say? Life of a teacher I suppose.

But 2013 is going to be a BIG year for me. I get married in 6 months (WOWZA!!). So when I heard that Paige and Kaitlyn were doing a 13 in 2013 link-up, I decided to give it a go. So without further adieu, here are Nilda's goals for 2013

1. Get my cluttering under control. J is somewhat of a neat freak, and while I am not dirty, I can be messy. I'm going to try to make sure when I get home, shoes go in the closet, jacket gets hung on the coat rack and clothes get put away ASAP. This even extends to my classroom. My desk area looks like a tornado hit it every single day.

2. Eat better. I'm fairly healthy eater. I don't really drink much soda, but I definitely need to drink more water. I need to eat healthier snacks to and keep better snacks in my classroom. Finally, J and i need to start eating healthier so we can look our best for our wedding day and after!!

3. Go to the gym at least three days a week. I'm paying for it, might as well use it right? Besides, I need my upper body to look great in my dress!

4. Choose a master's program. I know what I want to get a master's in; now just finding the right program.

5. Keep up my new acne regimen. I do really well and then I slack off. Can't do that!

Source: via Kelsa on Pinterest

6. I haven't really stressed about the wedding at all. But I know when it gets closer I will. I just want to enjoy that day and then start the rest of my life with J. I know the first year will be tough but wonderful.

7. This goes with some of my other goals, but I really want to complete a 5k. I think that will help with my exercise goal. Plus I can do this with J. :)

8. Blog more. Sponsor at least two blogs a month. I want to grow this little corner of the blog world. I think it's a wonderful way to meet new people and learn new things.

Source: via Nilda on Pinterest

9. Keep the friendships that matter to me close. Whether it's by sending a card or a package or just text to let them know I am thinking of them, I want to let my friends know I care.

Source: via Biagi on Pinterest

10. Keep my clothes shopping to a minimum. I want to start mixing up my outfits more with clothes I have and the accessories I have. I want to even do a few fashion posts and try and recreate so many of the cute outfits I see on Pinterest. I tend to shop just to shop which isn't good for the bank account.

11. Pay off my credit cards. I have two major ones left. This may take longer than a year, but I'm hoping if I do it right it won't!

12. Use my date night jar with J! The really nice Barnes and Noble manager gave me good advice: Continue to date your fiance. Spend time where you don't talk about the wedding and after spend time together doing something fun.

13. This goal is one I have every single year... let go of things. Don't overthink things. Take things as they are. Every year, I've gotten better at it, so why not keep at it!

Whew. I think I'll be able to do all of these things. I hope this blog will keep me motivated to share when I do complete a goal!

Link up! What are your goals for 2013? Do we have any of the same ones?


  1. these are awesome goals nilda - i'm right there with you on the health ones - i'm trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day (plus exercise and all that jazz).

    that quote about a successful marriage is one of my favorites :) the greatest thing my mom did for me with wedding plan was gave me so much to do and then four days before the wedding took over everything i hadn't gotten to and said my job was to now sit back and enjoy parties in my honor :)

  2. I love your goals! And the date night jar is an awesome idea! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. I pretty much have all the EXACT same goals!!!!! Like all of them... Some I think are more doable than others, but thanks for thinking of all the stuff I was thinking of ;)

  4. It's always cool to see what everyone has for 2013 goals.

    Girl, you can do a 5k no problem! Sign up for one in March so that you'll have plenty of time to get ready!


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