Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on a Friday!

Three posts in one week??? Say what???? Go me!

This week was so darn SLOW. Seriously, I woke up everyday complaining that it wasn't Friday. And now Friday is finally here. Let's go it shall we??

1. THREE DAY WEEKEND! YES! Now while it will be INCREDIBLY difficult to go back to school on Tuesday, I need a break. I need to just get away and relax. J and I are continuing our tradition and heading up to his parents' place outside of Savannah. Even if all we do is lounge around and play board games, it will still be great!

2. I wish I had a screen capture, but it was really so GREAT to catch up with a few of my high school friends. It's exciting to see how great our lives turned out and how at heart we are still the little nerds we were in high school.


10 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT! I really did love my class this year, but I'm ready to say bye-bye to them. 


J and I went to rookie mini camp last weekend. 6200 fans showed up! For a ROOKIE MINI CAMP! I can't wait for football season to start, even if it means I'll be watching most of the games during the season with my little one in a Jaguars onesie. :)

5. Did I mention three day weekend??? :)

Do you have any plans this weekend? How was your week?

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