Monday, May 12, 2014

22 Weeks

I know, not being consistent with this thing, but at least I'm trying! I am more than half way done and that's just crazy to think about. We have 18 days (18 LONG days) of school left and I cannot wait. I know this summer will zoom, but I want to enjoy it as my last one before baby comes!

  • How far along are you? 22 Weeks
  • How I'm feeling: Pretty good. Besides the constant dry nose that irritates that crap outta me, I really have nothing else to complain about.
  • Total weight gain:  10 pounds. I weighed 130 at the doctor's office last week. I am pretty pleased with that. 
  • How big is baby? A papaya. Where in my belly there's something as long as a papaya, I don't know but we will see. We'll get more accurate measurements at our ultrasound tomorrow. 
  • Boy or girl?: boy!!! :) ( and we may or may not have a name...) :)
  • Maternity clothes: A week ago, I bought four shirts from Motherhood Maternity. All in the same style, because I'm really not a fan of baby doll shirts. They are super comfy. This paycheck I'm going to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans and khaki pants. I also tried on some regular maxi skirts and dresses at H&M that should do me pretty well too!
  • Sleep: Been decent. Weird dreams don't really help (like my principal leaving and my grandpa with dementia taking over our school! What the heck does that mean?)
  • Best moment this week: When we were at our appointment, my doctor checked baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. Right when she put it on my belly, we heard him kick the Doppler AND I felt it! So neat. 
  • Worst moment: Headaches. Yuck!
  • Movement: More consistent. Baby boy likes football because he was the most active whenever I was watching the NFL Draft. :)
  • Food cravings: Still nothing different or weird. I did crave a Philly roll so I ordered one on Saturday. It was divine!
  • Food aversions: Nothing that sticks out to me. 
  • Belly button in or out:  Belly button is still in. 
  • What I am thankful for: That he is growing and had a healthy heartbeat. I measured 22 cm, which is slightly ahead. Hoping I get just as good news tomorrow!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Setting up the crib! I cannot wait!!!!
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