Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why we work

So I love reading Bonnie and Taylor and when I saw them do this fun link up, I knew I had to join in.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I think it's really fun to look back and see why J and I work. We've been together for 3.5 years now (married for 7 months) and I think we really do complement each other.

So without further adieu... why J and I work:

He's black/white and I'm all about the gray.

He's laidback and I'm dramatic. All about balance right?

We both love sports. We've been perfectly content watching the Olympics.

Speaking of,  he loves to watch curling (which is analytical) and I love figure skating (which is emotional!)

We both love food. Simple as that. :)

We push each other. In a good way. I push him to watch his words and he pushes me to be a little neater (I'm working on it!)

Family's number one. To both of us. Watching him interact with his nieces, always puts a smile on my face.

He watches girly shows with me. Not necessarily because he likes them (except for Total Divas!) but because he likes to be with me. Same reason I'll watch Seinfeld with him.

He lets me get cupcakes for my class. And he comes to read to them.

I laugh at his dirty jokes. In fact, he loves to make me laugh and he loves to find the weirdest ways to make me laugh.

He looks out for my brother.

He's always down for ice cream...even when it's cold and drizzly (hello ice cream sundaes!)

We know how to dig at each other. And while we don't always do that nicely, something good always comes out of it.

We're both stubborn but end up figuring out someway to compromise. With both of us being Cancers...that can be tough.

We share a birthday!

Simple. Because despite the fact that we are too of the most stubborn people EVER, we try our hardest everyday to make each other happy. And sometimes that scale can be tilted in one way, we try our best to make sure it tilts the other way.
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I love the idea of this post-- it's so sweet and sincere. Sometimes it's great to stop and think of all the reasons why you and your "partner in crime" work so well together. And that beach picture-- ahhhh I can't wait for the weather to get warm! Although when it finally does and it's super humid/hot, I will probably whine about that!

  2. This is cute! I thin it's cool you guys share a birthday!

    Xo Lourdes


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