Friday, February 21, 2014

Woot! Woot! It's Friday!

Hi all! Feel like I keep ignoring this little blog space of mine. I could lie and say I've been busy, but eh that wouldn't be true. Unless you count watching the Olympics being busy!

Let's get to my five from this week:

J surprised me by bringing home roses and strawberry cheesecake from Publix on Valentine's Day. Because of all the extra expenses heading our way, we had agreed to not do anything major but he broke his own rule. :)

I received my Carabox from Jessie. Can't wait to paint my nails with the fun colors she gave me!


I've really been loving watching the Olympics every night. I love that I was able to watch some of the best events live! I'm kind of bummed that the Olympics ends on Sunday. I adore the Winter Olympics. I can watch every event (yes, even curling!). Plus it's just fun!

I went out last night with one of my friends from my old school. It was nice to vent and just catch up with each other!!! Plus this ecard's perfect because we ended up at Chili's!

I don't have a number five, except to say YAY WEEKEND! :)

Where do you go for dinner with friends?
How was your week?

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  1. There is this wine and cheese place in Gainesville that I used to go to every Friday. It didn't matter if I went alone. I just took my Kindle as a date. I loved it.

    Wine and cheese. What could be better1

    Xo Lourdes


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