Friday, January 31, 2014


Is it just me, or did this week crawwwwwwwwl by? Yea, it crawled for me, probably because I wasn't feeling 100% all week. But I can still find five things that made my week:

1. Did I mention that J and I bought a house? Oh yea, we did. We haven't closed yet, but we did hear back that the seller will fix some issues AND that the house is now in a safer zone which means lower insurance. Woot!

2. I killed it on my formal observation. Nice when your hard work is noticed!

3. Did I mention that my student loans are paid off??? THEY ARE! Back in November, I received the good news that 5,000 dollars of my loan was forgiven. Which left me with 700 dollars to pay. J and I paid mine off and it feels SO good to say that!


Yea, it's NO secret that I love football. I really like the Seahawks(mostly because the Jags current coach, Gus, came from there and because I can't stand Peyton) but I also really like Richard Sherman's story. I hated it when all the world went off on him for his rant. His story is one that I would hope for all my at-risk kids. 

We are hosting my family that day and I can't wait to watch a heck of game and eat lots of yummy food!

5. Finally, I'm having a girls' date with two of my closest friends at Chipotle tonight. A carnitas bowl is calling my name!!!

Have a fabulous week!

Do you watch the Super Bowl?
What's your favorite restaurant?

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  1. How freaking awesome about paying off your student loans. I am on my way...hopefully I can pay it off ASAp!

    Also congrats on killing it on your formal observation. I know how stressful that can be.

    Congrats on the house

    XO Lourdes


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