Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Happy List

I know everyone else is doing it, but today's topic really made me realize just now that I need to focus on the GOOD in my life.

Plus, whenever I'm annoyed, I can always look back at this list and smile! So without further fanfare, Nilda's Happy List!

This guy. I get to marry this guy in less than 60 days! CRAZY! I adore him and it sounds completely cheesy to say, but I know he will always be there for me. No matter what.

My family. My immediate family is AMAZING but my extended family is just as wonderful. And with the exception of my dear grandpa, they are ALL coming for my wedding. From Puerto Rico. Not cheap yo!

One of the best decisions EVER was adopting this little one! She brings a smile to my face at minimum once a day!

 Reading. No matter what I'm going through, books take me somewhere magical and freeing. I sound like a complete NERD but hey that's who I am.

Even though it can be a stressor, I love my job. Mostly for moments like today where my kiddos were completely ENTHRALLED in watching these two squirrels chase each other around the huge trees in our courtyard.

Who'd thought the GYM would make it to my happy list? Not only is it a place where I get to see on of my newest favorite people, but also it just makes me feel better. Even at 5 a.m.

Clothes. Whether I'm buying them for me or for someone else, new clothes make me happy. Silly? Maybe. But I've learned to not buy when I'm feeling down.

Not sure when or how this started but pretty nail polish is my thing. Maybe from all the compliments I get now? Plus it's just straight up FUN to change colors.

FOOTBALL. Going to the Jaguars Rookie Camp last week was a TOTAL tease. September needs to get here ASAP.

Cooking and baking. I love following a recipe or twisting one and making it my own. I especially love doing this for other people. I think it's the Latin in me. :)

Any of these things make it on your happy list? What would go on your own happy list?


  1. Love your list! My nails are totally the same color right now :)

  2. I love the picture of the two of you. I cannot believe how soon the wedding is!

    Xo Lourdes

  3. i was also the kid who got in trouble for reading too. my punishment was not taking away tv-it was taking away my books. i hated it. :D

    <3 Brenda


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