Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feeling blessed...

So I woke up Saturday in the grumpiest of moods. I still couldn't shake the horrible feeling I had because of a parent on Friday who basically called me a monster and told me her dear daughter was SCARED of me. Even though I proved that wrong, it still hurt.

I couldn't find my phone and I had to rush to get ready for my shower. I picked up my future mother-in-law and headed to the location.

My maid of honor and mother did a WONDERFUL job. It was so simple and laid back and EXACTLY the afternoon I needed.

That was my cake. Isn't it the CUTEST cake you've seen? I loved it and so did everyone else.

When I got home later that night, I unpacked all the gifts from my car.

Everything's piled in a corner of my parents' living room. Looking at all of this makes me almost cry. I feel very lucky to feel so cared about. Plus it makes me excited to set up my new place with J. :)

On Monday, we got our first RSVP!

It's been so fun coming home everyday and getting some more! Even if people can't come, still neat knowing they received an invitation to our wedding!

Funny how things always work out!


  1. I couldn't imagine you as a monster. I feel teachers are so unappreciated and it saddens me. Teachers do so much for our youth and a few bad apples make it hard for the amazing ones. Thank you for teaching our youth. Teachers and education are the key to the future!

    BTW I LOVE that cake. It's so thematic and I adore themes.

  2. I'm sooo sorry that that parent made you feel that way... I've had my hand of crappy parents this year (more so than in past years) and even when you know you didn't do anything wrong, it still hurts! Prayers sent your way... and just remember you are AMAZING and all your little kiddos are lucky to have you as their teacher, regardless of what other people say or think! YOU ROCK! :)


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