Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yum, Yum! Wedding tasting!

I am so behind on my blogging. I had my tasting last Wednesday, but I was enjoying doing nothing too much to sit down and write about it!

I've mentioned it before, but my reception is going to be at One Ocean Resort. It's this gorgeous hotel in Atlantic Beach. To us folk that have grown up in Jacksonville, we often refer to it as the "Old Sea Turtle." Gets annoying after awhile but hey that's what happens when a hotel was that iconic. 

Anyways, it's a top notch resort and the chef is AMAZING. J and I met up with Sarah, the catering coordinator and we were promptly seated at a table overlooking the ocean. Our waiter brought out the appetizers.

From left to right: Salmon Tartar, Tomato and Mozzarella, Chorizo Empanada, Crab Cake with Tomato Remoulade

The chef came out and explained each of our choices. I seriously felt like I was on Top Chef! I sampled the empanada first. The chorizo had such a great flavor! The salmon and tomato and mozzarella were super refreshing and are going to be great options to have on a hot summer's day. Finally, the crab cake was divine as well. I wanted to lick the little dishes (which are what the apps will be served on to guests!)
Afterwards, J and I sampled our entree choices. J and I have become obsessed with red snapper, ever since our cruise to Nassau last year. So when we saw it could be our fish choice we jumped on it!

The red snapper was cooked to perfection. Light and flaky, and the slaw on top provided the perfect amount of tart to the dish.

After the fish, came the pork:

I really enjoyed this dish. I liked the combination of the sauce, pork and potatoes. J didn't enjoy it as much, but the chef told us he could lighten the amount of molasses in the sauce.

Finally, came our favorite dish of the day: the chicken!

I wish I could really explain to you guys how DIVINE this dish was! Sometimes entrees are breaded with Parmesan  you can't really taste the cheese. But on this dish you could! The chicken was moist and tender and the sauce was perfect blend of creamy and flavorful.

Finally onto my favorite part of the tasting: CAKES!

From left to right: coconut cake with dark chocolate mousse, red velvet with same mousse and orange cake with white chocolate mousse.

J and I tried the coconut cake first. It seriously tasted like a Mounds bar. Amazing. J loves anything coconut and he gave his approval on this cake.

Neither one of us enjoyed the red velvet. I didn't remember requesting the red velvet with chocolate mousse, so I think that had something to do with it.

I love my home state. If I could bottle Florida into a flavor, it would be this cake. It was light and refreshing with the perfect hint of orange. J and I ate EVERY single bit of the slice they gave us. We decided on this flavor for our wedding cake! I hope our guests enjoy it as much as we do. 

The best part of all this?? My uncle is the head engineering manager at this resort, and once a month he is on duty. The MOD (manager on duty) is allowed to invite family to eat dinner with him in the restaurant. We will be going on April 20 and I cannot wait!

Hope this post didn't make your mouths water TOO much!

PS. Sorry that the editing is so wonky on this post. Not sure what happened there.
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  1. Oh my goodness, everything looks amazing... I am positively drooling!!

  2. I have the worst food-envy right now I can't even handle it.

  3. I just realized that i never commented here when I wanted to. I am jealous of all of the food and you made me SO HUNGRY!

    I need to try that cake. The one that tastes like Florida.

    This made me miss home.

    XO Lourdes

    PS...I know this comment is random :)


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