Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Books, books, and more books!

So. We found a place to live! YAY! Actually, let's make that a DOUBLE YAY! Since J and I finally found a place to live (a blog post later this week is coming, I promise!) I finally got my butt in gear and began going through my most prized possessions.

Not clothes.
Not jewelery.
Nope. MY BOOKS. I have books all over the place at my house. I live by this quote really:

I have teeny bopper books, old BSC books (and if you need to ask what that stands for then that means I am way older than you!), non-fiction books, teaching books, and good ole fiction books. I counted them. I counted almost 150 before I lost count.

I have three bookcases full of books. But since my new place will only have ONE (oh, the horror!) I needed to pare down my collection.

Here's what I kept: (I was going to take pictures, but my iPhone is being ridiculous and my camera died!)

  • The entire Harry Potter series
  • All of my Nicholas Sparks books (except for Last Song which I can't stand)
  • All of my Sophie Kinsella books (except for Shopaholic, I must be the only person who HATED that book)
  • My favorite non-fiction books
  • Hunger Games
  • A bunch of classics, like Madame Bovary, Catch-22, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Felt like those should be kept and it would make our bookcase look smart. 
  • My Princess Diaries books that I got signed by Meg Cabot ages ago. 
  • And a few others that don't really come to mind at the moment. 
Here's what I got rid of:
  • Twilight. ALL OF THEM. My library has them available as e-books so if I ever get the urge to relive them, I can for free. I must be the only person who liked the movies better than the books.
  • My Private series books. The series was pretty good in the beginning but got completely wack-a-doodle near the end. 
  • The Jessica Darling series. Another one that started out interesting but then BAM started to stink. :/
  • Wicked. The only book I never finished. Seriously. I make it a mission to finish all books, no matter how crappy they are. Not that I thought it was crappy, it wasn't. But I couldn't make it through. Does that make me a horrible book geek?
  • Lots of other random books that I read once and know I will never read again. 
I also pulled out a few to give to my friends. For instance, while I loved this biography:

I know that I won't read it again. So I gave it to my friend Jessica, who is even more obsessed with the Royals than I am!

When I texted J that I was keeping forty books out of 150, I was totally expecting him to say I could give up more. But no, he said good job! Guess he's finally aware that books are my weakness!

Off to get ready to teach. 27 days left (not including today) but who's counting?? :)


  1. I never finished Wicked either. Loved the play though. And just because you only have 1 bookcase.. doesn't mean you can't display books in other more nontraditional ways. For instance, I'm working on acquiring unfinished wooden crates and staining them to hang over my couch in the living room right now and will be hanging/displaying/stacking all kinds of things on them.. probably including books. Just sayin :)

  2. I give youprops. I don't think I could give away any of my books! I am a book hoarder. So. Bad. for. Me.

    Xo Lourdes


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