Sunday, November 24, 2013

Man, good + crazy weekend

I'm writing this BEFORE the weekend ends because of a number of reasons:
a) I won't get to it tomorrow
b) I really want to remember what happened this weekend
and c) I just feel like it.

Friday, J and I walked around the mall. We are on the hunt for a nice looking fake Christmas tree. I adore rel trees, but I just don't trust my cat around one. Found a nice one at Sears and will be going back Friday to get it because just like everything else, it will be on SALE!

J's Sunglasses?J is the HARDEST person in the world to buy for, so when he mentioned he wanted new sunglasses, I was like SWEET! So we went to try some on at Sunglass Hut, but those people? WAY TOO PUSHY for me, and I worked retail before. After we left, we came upon another sunglasses shop, where the guy looked surprised to see us come in.
He turned out to be AWESOME at helping J figure out what style he wanted, and since his store had like NO customers, he told me he'd give me a great deal on a pair. So I kicked J out of the store and proceeded to buy him a pair. Here are the one's he picked, but he has no idea which one I finally chose!Obvs, not going to say on here which pair he's getting, but let's just say I think I picked a GREAT pair.

Saturday was the annual Nights of Lights ceremony in St Augustine. I adore this time of the year, because it's just the perfect kick-off to the holidays. Nights of Lights was even voted by National Geographic as one of the best holiday light displays in the USA. J and I even took our engagement pictures down there last year:

To change it up, one of my closest friends and her family joined us for the fun. Afterwards J, my brother and I hung at their place, playing the hilarious games Things. Needless to say, combine alcohol and a group of people that have some interesting senses of humor and you got one great night! My bro ended up crashing on my couch.

This morning, my cat woke me and J up because she obviously doesn't get the concept of weekends. When I went to put her in the guest room, I heard running water coming from downstairs. I go downstairs and step in a massive puddle. Seems that our toilet had a mind of it's own, ran the whole night and pretty much flooded almost all of the downstairs. When I told J what happened, he kind of looked at me like this:

So after lots of towels, J running to the store to buy a mop and moving all our furniture around, our floors finally dried. Still don't know why the toilet did that!

So now we are just crashed out on the couch, because obviously that's what ya do after a really long, and fun and crazy weekend. Thank goodness this is only a 2 day work week, or I'd be in panic mode!!!!

How was your weekend? Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet? Ever woke to a household emergency?


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  1. The toilet thing is freaking annoying. It has not happened to me, but I would be so upset!

    Other than that, your weekend sounds amazing!


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