Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things I'm loving right now...

So, I've had LOTS of negative thoughts running through my head. Just work stress and other life stress. And I realized I haven't thought much about the good in my life. So here goes:

Things Nilda is loving at the moment: 

  • My class. They are by far the sweetest group I've ever had. Teaching them is so much fun!
  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. They redid the formula and seriously, this stuff stays on. Almost even better than ::gasp:: Essie!
  • My me time tonight. J's out with some friends and while I do miss him (kinda odd being alone in this house) it's been nice to have some me time. Sushi, cocunut cream cheese cake, bubble bath and all my girly DVRed shows= a good night.
  • Salmon Katsu rolls. My new favorite sushi roll.
  • It was cool all day today! The a/c didn't turn on in my classroom once. Supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow too!
  • Being married. Cheesy I know, but it's been fun getting to be around my best friend all the time. 
  • Being done with thank you cards! They will be mailed Friday, just in time to beat the three month etiquette deadline!
  • My new Stella and Dot necklaces. Seriously they go with everything!
  • Elizabeth Smart's book My Story.  Now I obvs don't love what happened to her, but a) it's been nice to read something not school related and b) it's just an inspiring story!
  • I FINALLY figured out how to make my own task cards with cute frames and font and all! No more shelling out money on TeachersPayTeachers for things I can make myself!
  • Since it's cooler out, Athena, my kitty has been much much cuddlier!
  • My two partners for the Carabox swap. It's been fun really getting to know each of them!
So that's a bit of what I'm loving at the moment. Just writing it out makes me feel better. 

Ever need to focus on the positive more? What would be on your loving at the moment list??

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  1. I love this post! I hate those negative thought times but these things are awesome reminders. I really admire you as a teacher - with the amount of love and work you put into your class!!


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