Monday, October 14, 2013

Family filled weekends are the BEST!

I'm completely exhausted right now, (morning duty + no prep time=tired Nilda), but I really want to recap my weekend because it was a blast from beginning to end!

My dad's 72nd birthday was Saturday, so we all went out to celebrate. My aunt and uncle came to visit because they were in Orlando the past week at a techie conference. I adore all my aunts and uncles, but my this pair are definitely one of the most fun!

Got to love my dad's expressions!

They all came over to J's and my place. It was so awesome having family and friends over for the first time. Grateful for how thick our walls are; pretty sure if they weren't, our neighbor would have complained about all the noise!!

Later that night, all of us (minus my Dad, I think we wore him out!) hit up Ragtime, this amazing restaurant at the beach. They have the yummiest seafood and beer. The night included B-52 shots made the wrong way, my brother swiping food off everyone's plates, a kind of jerky waiter, and plenty of laughs!

Grouper Oscar- pan seared grouper topped with crab and asparagus, smothered in Bearnaise sauce. YUMM!

Realized it we'd been married three months! <3

Needless to say, J and I PASSED out when we got home later that night.

Sunday= football around these parts, but luckily my aunt and uncle LOVE football, so they dind't mind! We hit up Sneakers, this massive sports bar at the beach that show every game on GIANT projection screens. My aunt was PUMPED that the Steelers finally won. Later that afternoon, we went back to my parents to watch the Jaguars actually do decently against the Broncos! Eh we lost, but the losses aren't as painful when they actually show some fight!!

Despite being stuffed... we all went to Bruster's Ice Cream. It's fall season there which means APPLE DUMPLINGS and PUMPKIN FLAVORS. My aunt's obsessed (just like everyone else) with pumpkin so she chose Pumpkin Pecan. Everyone else got apple dumplings!

I'm not in it because I'm at the window, trying to convince the scooper to not get mad because we ordered 5 apple dumplings!

Weekends SERIOUSLY cannot get any better than spending them with family. Especially when your family is as loud, crazy and loving as mine!

How was your weekend???

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PS. Ignore the formatting! I'm too tired to fix it!!! :)


  1. Family weekends are always fun :)

    XO Lourdes

  2. I agree that family weekends are the BEST weekends!!


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