Friday, July 5, 2013

WOWZERS! One week away!

So, this is my last Friday post for the next two weeks (unless I write them and schedule, but that like NEVER happens).


Well in case you haven't been following closely, my wedding is NEXT Friday. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that MY wedding is next week. So used to helping others celebrate. Eeek!

So here's my five for this week:

My patriotic mani. Thinking I could parlay this pattern into other holidays: Valentine's Day draw a heart; Christmas, draw a tree.

I'm a BIT of a grammar nerd. So when I saw this sign at the grocery store, I couldn't pass a chance to snap a pic. It's what happens when you LITERALLY try to translate something.

We move in OFFICIALLY tomorrow! I'll be there today unpacking some boxes of clothes and such. I spent all day yesterday doing this:

Painting the master bathroom. It was originally a dark green color, eek! Now it's a calming light blue and it really opens up the bathroom.

This was my cat's preferred spot during last night's fireworks display in my neighborhood. Thought her little head was going to snap from all the back and forth she was doing!

Have a fabulous weekend! As always, linking up with Lauren!


  1. I have been so busy and had to let the blogging take a back seat. It's been wonderful to catch up on the last few weeks of your life. So excited to see the recap of the wedding in a few weeks. Enjoy the next few days - my sister's wedding was exactly a year ago today and looking back we didn't take nearly enough time to just enjoy the time leading up to the wedding.

  2. So excited for you!

    I love the color that you picked to paint!

    XO Lourdes


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