Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Haven't really stressed about it...until Chantal came along

So, I think I've been pretty good during this whole wedding planning thing. I've had one or two freak out moments but nothing MAJOR.

Until this week. Until a girl named Chantal came along. In case you aren't familiar Chantal is currently churning out in the Caribbean Sea. She's the third tropical storm of the year.


This would be a forecast map. Now, some of you may be thinking "Nilda, you're wedding is on Friday, she's slated to be nowhere near Jacksonville (eastern coast of Florida near Georgia) on Friday."

And that would be correct. However, she is slated to be off the coast of Port Canaveral on Saturday and I am scheduled to leave Port Canaveral on a cruise ship on my honeymoon. 

Enter extremely sad face here. 

Now, I'm a Floridian through and through. Meaning I know how iffy tropical storms can be. And I know that it is still WAY too soon to tell exactly where she is going. I also know that tropical storms hate land and that she will be crossing over Hispaniola tomorrow. 

But it seems that during the week of your wedding, all logical thought goes out the window. So all I keep thinking about is what if we can't leave? What if the ship can't come back from it's current itinerary? AGH!

So send positive thoughts my way, please? I'd really appreciate it!


  1. The weather during wedding season is a hit or miss...good luck!

  2. POsitive thoughts being sent :)

    ALl will be fine :)

    Xo Lourdes


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