Sunday, December 30, 2012

I love free...

When I was a teenager, I used to get all these products to share with my friends. I loved it! I've also done surveys with my mom where I go to a survey location and test new items (free food anyone???). I've even done a focus group where I discussed the Jaguars and got paid 200 dollars for doing so.

Love it!

So when I had a chance to sign up for Influenster, I took it! They sent me their Holiday VoxBox and I got super excited when I saw the goodies inside.

I received the following:
  • Goody Quikstyle paddle brush
  • Kiss Nail Dress decals
  • NYC Lipshine- Nude York City
  • $25 off at Sole Society
  • Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal- Summer Berry
  • EBoost Natural Energy Packet in Pink Lemonade

I have slightly wavy hair that takes FOREVER to dry. So when I saw the Quikstyle brush I was intrigued. The brush has microfiber bristles. Basically it's a towel in brush form.

I tried it out, and I must say it DEFINITELY cut down on my drying time. Usually after drying my hair, I feel like I've been through the most intense arm workout (I have no upper body strength whatsoever!). But with this I didn't feel it. Plus it left my hair fairly smooth and the only product I added before drying was my styling spray.

(Sorry about the picture quality, need to charge my camera!).

I gave the oatmeal to J to try, because I wasn't able to eat grainy things after my surgery. His notes?
  • Loved the convenience of it. Only thing he had to do was add water and just clean the spoon he used.
  • He felt it was a little too sweet for his taste, but he would be up for trying other flavors. 
  • He also felt it was cheaper for him to just stick with buying the boxes of instant oatmeal insted of the cups. 
Thanks J!

Yesterday, I tried the lipgloss and the nail decals.

They were fairly easy for me to use, but I think it's because I have longer nails. I didn't think I'd like the pattern (not really into black and white) but I really do! When my future sister in law came over, she immediately squealed at my nails! Larissa asked me where I got the decals from. I might have to send her my extras.  I'll probably take these off before school starts on Wednesday, just because I don't think this pattern is the most professional to wear.

The lipshine was a really nice nude color. Didn't take any pictures, because I wasn't feeling so pretty! Not because of the lipshine but because my face has been breaking out like crazy since the surgery.  :)

I haven't tried the EBoost and I ordered a pair of shoes from Sole Society. I thought it would be a bit like Shoe Dazzle (lots of club shoes!) but they had a great selection. Ordered a super cute pair of flats. I hope I get them soon. I'm a bit shoe obsessed!

I definitely loved most of my box and can't wait to try another one! If you're interested in joining Influenster, tweet me or shoot me an email. I have five invites to give out!

I received all of these items from Influenster for free and all opinions are my own (and my fiance's!).

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