Thursday, December 26, 2013

First Christmas

I hope that you had a Merry Christmas yesterday (or a fun, relaxing day if you don't celebrate!)

J and I spent the earlier part of the week until Christmas Eve night at his parents' house outside of Savannah. Always so relaxing when we go up there.  His parents are the best and let us open presents on Christmas Eve. His mother got me the prettiest shirts from Loft and so many other things! It was fun to see his mom's reaction to her gift, a smaller parent version of our wedding album! I'm pretty blessed to have the in-laws that I have!

Christmas Eve we made our way back to Jacksonville, to stop at my parents' house. My favorite Christmas tradition has to be our pjs. My mom gets us new ones every year and in recent years has been getting the girls matching ones too!

I would be lying if I said it wasn't a bit odd to wake up Christmas morning with J, but it was so much fun! (I wish I took pictures, but we were just too into gift giving to do that!) He loved my gifts to him (pretty sure the electric toothbrush was his favorite... he's all about the dental hygiene!) but I hit the money on the clothes and the yummy pistachios he later found in his stocking.

I think my favorite presents from J were the Michael Kors watch (finally!) and he surprised with a Pandora bracelet. My first two charms are a stack of books and cute little kitty. He's such a thoughtful guy.

Around 11 we headed to my parents' house in our PJS! I texted my mom if she minded, and she said no. SCORE! Made it that more fun to open presents in your pjs. Love this picture that my uncle took:

Not sure what's better, the matching pjs, my expression or my brother's! We got some really thoughtful gifts from my parents and my mother loved the parent album we gave her, too.

After my parents' house we stopped at our friends' house. J played XBOXone with her husband and I learned how to make this bracelet on a Rainbow Loom!

Can I just say... I kind wish I had my own rainbow loom??? Completely understand why kids are obsessed with it. Plus it's nice that one of the most popular toys out there right now is more crafty than techy.

J and I ended the night back at home where I made jalapeno poppers, bang bang shrimp and a bruschetta cheese ball.


All in all, a pretty perfect first Christmas for J and I. :)

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  1. Marry Christmas to you and the family! It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas!

    Xo Lourdes


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