Friday, February 15, 2013

It's Friday!

Whoa, ya'll. This was ONE hectic week. Here's the breakdown:

  • Tuesday, had one of my newbie teachers observe me all day.
  • WEdnesday, had my official observation with my new principal
  • Thursday, had another new teacher observe me all day. Plus had my post-observation conference with my principal.(It went GREAT! YAY!)
  • Valentine's Day with 24 hyped up firsties... 'nuff said. 
It was still a great week though. As usual, here are my top five from this week!

  1. Valentine's Day dinner: homemade sliders and bacon wrapped shrimp. It was HEAVENLY!
  2. Gorgeous flowers from J delivered to my school. Loved the different flowers in this one. 
  3. Found these make-up wipes at Ulta. I find them HILARIOUS. Why? My younger brother's name is Jean-Pierre aka J.P. 
  4. I've become obsessed with making Moose Munch. It's so yummy. I'm making a batch for our dessert potluck on Wednesday. Check the recipe out here. 
  5. I am LOVING my new purse/tote from Target. Love the mint and love the polka dots!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I get Monday off. Last holiday until Spring Break! I'm definitely going to enjoy it!

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  1. That dinner looks AMAZING!!! Glad you had a great week!


  2. Glad your week was good even though it was stressful!! I got today off and Monday. Love long weekends. Enjoy yours!!

  3. YAYYY for your awesome observation!!!! Email me and let me know the ins and outs of how it went! And you must rock so much and that's why the newbies are visiting your room ;)


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