Sunday, January 6, 2013

"So how's the wedding planning going?"

My answer to this question is that I could get married tomorrow! I mean, we still have little things to take care of but I've checked off the big things!

  • Dress. Obviously J reads my blog. Can't tell you specifics but I can tell you it'scompletely different from what I imagined, but I LOVE IT. I got to see the sample again when I went bridesmaid shopping and it made me smile so much!
  • Location. I posted here about my locations. The reception is going to be goregeous and classic at the same time.Plus I'm excited to get married in my childhood church. 
  • DJ. I found Skip Kelly through wedding reviews. Everyone told me he's fabulous but when I met him in person, I felt at ease and realized his personality is going to be a great fit. 
  • Colors. My colors are teal and yellow. I was partially inspired by the board below and the fact that they are my favorite colors:

Source: via Nilda on Pinterest

  • Florist: I found Anything with Plants and Flowers after a really long search for florists who will work with your budget. What's crazy is that as soon as Pam started showing me her proposal, I realized they matched all my ideas I pinned on Pinterest! Below are some of the ideas she's going for:

Bridesmaids' bouqets

Centerpieces will be alrger cylinders with gerber daisies. 

  • Bridesmaids' dresses: I fell in love with the dress below and luckily it looked great on my girls! I think the yellow flowers will really pop!

Alfred Angelo

  • Wedding shoes! I love them. The teal matches and they are the perfect height.
  • Photography: We are going with Rachel from Fox Fotography. Rachel is a sweetheart and she and I went to high school together. Our engagement session is this Friday. Eeek!
  • Honeymoon. J and I will be spending a wonderful week relaxing on the Carnival Dream. Aahhh I can taste the strawberry daiquiris now. 
  • Completed Pre-Cana. Long but something that was needed. 
  • J has already created our household budget for when we will be married. It's pretty great and I'm glad we balance each other on the money front. I told you, we are on top of things!
  • We are planning on sending Save the Dates by the end of the week! Aren't they pretty?

So told ya! We have things together. I'm really hoping we can register this weekend. I'm glad that J and I aren't stressing and just enjoying this process. It's funny, I feel closer to him than ever. Which I know is a good thing!

What do ya'll think of my wedding plans so far??


  1. omg how exciting. i wish i was getting married again. lol. especially after i read so many great wedding posts. i love your inspiration. i can't wait to see your wedding dress after you get married here on the blog.

  2. You seem to be doing great and are way ahead of schedule!! If you need any advise or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask as it may get overwhelming in the months to come! Sweet Day Nilda!

  3. I found you through the Wii U giveaway but now I'm glad I did. :) I'm newly engaged so I'm in the process of planning my wedding too so I'm loving finding bloggers that are wedding planning also so that maybe I can get some inspiration. :) Teal is also one of my colors (going with pink and black too). I love the teal and yellow though. So bright and cheery!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Trying To Be Who I Am

  4. Wow look at you...working hard...I sucked at planning. Great color scheme! Can't wait to see how everything turns out.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! Looks like you have it figured out! I helped my sister plan her wedding and it is a lot of work. There are certain things you want to take your time with on deciding (like the wedding dress) and other considerations that are really "maybes" like a charter bus rental for those in the wedding. Even when my sister had her list figured out, she must have went over it a bazillion times! But hey, it was her day to shine.

  6. The bridal dress and shoes are fantastic color and design are chosen and credit goes to the wedding planner person. There are lots of things going through the mind of a wedding planner. It is the best option to use the free wedding planner app to plan the wedding consistently in a right direction. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Your wedding is still a few months away yet your plans are in near completion. I applaud you for planning early and completing most of your plans. Wedding planning is not supposed to be stressed about, so just go ahead and enjoy your engagement period. =)

    Zachary Payne

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  9. Woe, everything is looking so perfect here. I have also hired historical Chicago Venues for my wedding reception. Please share some good tip to make it more memorable.


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